Found Footage Festival: Rent-A-Friend (DVD, 2016)

Got my full series pass with no hassles and am raring to go. Olivier Martinez has never been more magnetic never a great actor, he still combines star quality with rare masculine sensitivity ; and Yves Montand gives a great final performance. I was enthralled and moved. It wasn’t boring and gets points for style. Especially notable was actress Licia Maglietta, whose development from bored housewife to adventuress anchors the film. Only a tendency for predictableness kept this from being a great film. It remains a tender, mature love story combined with a fine comic character study. Nevertheless it was a highly satisfying first day of the festival.

Watch These Hilarious VHS Video Clips from the Found Footage Festival

Found content, the VHS era Likes: Rewinding The Story So Far The concept of The Found Footage Festival is a simple one, as Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher take video clips from tapes they find at various outlets, including thrift stores and estate sales, on tour, and present them live in front of audiences, while providing intros, occasional interstitials and, at times, some MST3K-style commentary. Befitting to the content, it’s a very lo-fi affair, and the true star of the show are the weird videos they cull from to create their shows, which run approximately between 70 and 90 minutes.

Several volumes have been released, and DVDTalk has a review of the first collection.

Dating back to when Phish performed The Beatles’ White Album in its entirety (and in order) in Glens Falls, New York, they have donned a “musical costume” for each following Halloween.

Without them, an entire generation of bizarre self-help and exercise videos would have been lost to the sands of time. But before then, we send out this cry for aid: The Found Footage Festival needs your help. As discussed in our recent interview, Pickett and Prueher are currently being sued by a small-town Midwestern TV station. The station is one of many that the duo have pranked in recent years, which has become a staple of Found Footage Festival shows.

In short, these pranks are simply intended to leverage criticism against these news organizations for one key failing: Painfully awkward, undeniably hilarious. The point the duo is making could scarcely be more simple: If any of these stations had bothered to do the barest, most basic research before booking them on their shows, it would have been immediately obvious that this was a prank. In a lot of ways, it actually mirrors the strange public access TV shows so beloved by the Found Footage Festival.

What it comes down to, most likely, is embarrassment.

Found Footage Festival Presents: VCR Party

Once upon a time these clunky lumps of black plastic were a godsend to movie and TV junkies who, up until then, had been at the mercy of distributors and broadcasters to get their fix. So what if the cassettes were unwieldy, noisy, and the tapes got chewed up in your machine sometimes? They revolutionized viewing habits, encouraged a whole new generation of couch potatoes, and enabled thousands of really bad filmmakers to get their projects out into an unsuspecting world.

Kinolibrary have footage related to all major wars and conflicts over the last century. Containing almost 40, shots and films, the collection is in the process of being digitised to dazzling 4K quality, available as a rich resource for programme makers.

Found content, the VHS era Likes: Rewinding The Show Though the combination of streaming video both commercial and amateur and DVD would make it seem like everything is available on video, it’s hard to imagine their combined forces topping VHS for the sheer number of bizarre videos they’ve made available to consume. It feels like if there were more than two people together in the age of VHS, one of them probably had a hulking camcorder on their shoulder and was recording the others, while companies were busy putting just about anything they could imagine out on those wonderful plastic bricks of magic.

And as a result, decades later, there are unusual nuggets of the past around for groups like the Found Footage Festival to discover, dust off and share with an appreciative public. The concept is a simple one, as Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher take video clips from tapes they find at various outlets, including thrift stores and estate sales, on tour, and present them live in front of audiences, while providing intros, occasional interstitials and, at times, some MST3K-style commentary.

Befitting to the content, it’s a very lo-fi affair, and the true star of the show are the weird videos they cull from to create their shows, which run approximately between 70 and 90 minutes. On this first collection, live recordings are presented of shows from in Brooklyn and in Minnesota. Though you’ll find a few that are well-known online or have appeared on Tosh.

It becomes quickly obvious that the curators of the show have their favorite sources of weird clips, including old corporate training videos a fount of awkwardness , public access television the home of unaware broadcasting and exercise tapes, which were prolific in the VHS era of the ’80s and early ’90s, resulting in a wide variety of utterly pointless and unnecessary titles from which to pull clips.

These three genres alone could probably power the show for a while, with amazing clips featuring Alyssa Milano, rapping grill cooks, terrible talent shows, creepy kids dance specials and something called the “Mc C”, which is awful no matter what. Most of these videos are represented in medleys or round-ups, pulling together several similar videos and amplifying their hilarity, like the segments on health and beauty featuring a terrifying electrifying mask or the teaching celebrities where Alan Thicke, Henry Winkler, Jason Priestley and more tackle important topics to kids, like their parents’ divorce, getting touches on your privates by doctors and gun safety.

Walkabout affair ‘a lot less’ serious than Ben Stokes footage, says David Warner

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While still in high school, Pickett and Prueher began collecting videos from garage sales, training videos from odd jobs, and copies of tapes from a video production house. The friends would then play selections from this collection for entertainment at parties, a practice which continued through their college years at the University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire.

In , Pickett and Prueher quit their day jobs to focus on production of their first feature documentary, Dirty Country. They started the touring Found Footage Festival show to fund the production of the documentary. The Festival is currently based out of New York City. The clips are presented in succession from a master DVD, with the hosts controlling the timing and order by remote control. In addition to introducing their found footage and presenting a brief history of how it was come across, the hosts offer running jokes and commentary during the clips, like a live version of Mystery Science Theater , and implement live comedic sketches and pre-recorded bits between some of the selections.

Found Footage Festival Tickets

So do the folks behind the Found Footage Festival. How would you describe your festival to the uninitiated? We show everything from industrial safety videos to exercise videos, home movies to training videos. But boy were we wrong. People are getting rid of their VHS tapes in droves now, so thrift stores are stuffed to the gills with crappy VHS tapes.

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The Found Footage Festival. Vol. 2

Added by Admin 1 year ago Released in , this video was intended for lonely people with VCRs. Pop in the tape and, voila, your new friend, Sam, is in your living room.

Touring showcase of odd and hilarious found videos. Hosts Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett bring new lineup of found video clips and live comedy.

And on Sunday, The Hives slightly crosses over into the time slot for Ozzy Osbourne on the main stage. Organisers of the mammoth rock and metal event have told festival-goers: Please be patient if there are longer queues than normal. We request that you cooperate with any security requests and searches. If you are driving to Download you MUST purchase a car parking pass and make sure you keep it in a safe spot as lost and stolen car park passes will not be replaced and they cannot be exchanged or refunded either.

And East Midlands Airport says all routes to the festival will be well signposted, but people travelling in the area should plan their journey in advance and follow the signs rather than their satnavs. Public Health England East Midlands is warning festival-goers to make sure they have had all their jabs to stop measles spreading. In a tweet it wrote: On Saturday and Sunday, the arena will open from 10am. This tweet was sent by Martin Sawden. Send your selfies to us at newsdesk derbytelegraph.

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Found Footage Festival Vol 2

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