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The news broke on January 1st when both parties confirmed to an online news site that they have begun to date. This is the first time for both of them to officially announce a relationship. Both of them have been a role model of sorts in the industry in the way that they carried themselves in the music scene. They are both widely acknowledged as model citizens who are never in the center of a scandal. Both of them are attendees of Dongguk University. Yoona is currently attending Dongguk Univerysity as a Theater and Music major. Lee Seung Gi is her upperclassman. Not only that, but the two have followed similar paths in that they began as singers and debuted as actors soon thereafter. He also won the Best Actor Award for the role.

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Profile and Facts Don’t do something you’ll regret later. Leader, Main Vocalist Zodiac Sign: Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese Specialty:

Эта дорама о группе привилегированных школьников, детях мировой элиты. Они растут, зная.

That is why despite watching their every move, idols are prone to dating scandals, attitude controversies and so much more. It’s almost impossible to find a Kpop idol who was never involved in anything. But recently in a forum, fans picked the popular kpop idol with zero scandal, and Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun perfectly fitted the bill. Despite being active with GG for almost nine years, the maknae remains to be sparkling clean.

In fact, she’s the only Girls’ Generation member without a dating buzz. Most GG members have admitted to their relationships — and breakups. Sooyoung’s relationship with actor Jung Kyung Ho is going strong while former member Jessica is linked with Tyler Kwon. Hyoyeon had a violent romantic relationship, but Taeyeon’s relationship with Exo’s Baekhyun is the most hated because Exo fans are a little possessive.

Sunny, despite her firm denial, was also involved in dating rumors. This leaves Seohyun the only member who is presumed to be single since birth. Seohyun is also free from attitude controversies. Sooyoung was once rumored to allegedly have a prima donna attitude at the airport while Taeyeon was bullied for allegedly wanting Jessica out of GG.

The music turned out to be an OST from children’s cartoons, reported Koreaboo. But the person in charge of Seohyun gave up because she would just spend the day reading at a cafe,” claimed a Pann user.

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Although her father at the time did not encourage Taeyeon to become an entertainer, he was persuaded by the school’s president to give his daughter a chance after she recognized Taeyeon’s “clean” voice. During the next year, Taeyeon accompanied her father from their hometown to Seoul on every Sunday to receive her vocal lessons from The One. In a interview, he described Taeyeon as a “smart” student, someone “unlike others who came to him with dreams of becoming a celebrity

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Hara looks pissed, I think.. We all laugh to Tiffany’s word, “that’s what happened when we can’t say the truth to the whole world.. Tiffany only shake her head, “molla, I don’t know what to do, honestly.. Eunhyuk oppa and Kibum oppa enter last, unlike Kibum oppa whose coming with big bouquet of white roses, Eunhyuk oppa enter empty handed and angelic smile in his face.. Siwon oppa take Tiffany’s arm as she’s still sobbing and take her out.. I always believe in you..

I will love it so much.. I know our schedule is so pack, but because of it, we cherish moments like this, moments when I can be your girl without any eyes following us.. Hyuk oppa finally pulled me out of his car and help me wear the cap that I always wear when I’m out his car, the one that I always put in his car as our simple disguise tools, and hold my hands to the lift..

Hyuk oppa holds the door as the door almost closed and hand me a backpack, the one that he hold since he’s out of his car.. I’m sorry I can’t be with you all day, I have to get ready for midnight flight.. Your smile is my strength.. I love you so much.. Love, My smile is wider after I read Hyuk oppa message, because he call me..

Choi Si Won

Entertainment , to pursue vocal lessons. During the next year, Taeyeon accompanied her father from their hometown to Seoul on every Sunday to receive her vocal lessons from The One. In a interview, he described Taeyeon as a “smart” student, someone “unlike others who came to him with dreams of becoming a celebrity

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Just like I said in my post about H2, all main male character are actually have similar nature. They are careless and lack of motivation but fortunately have massive talent in the sport they are in. Both are ace pitcher with super fast ball. Talk about baseball, Mitsuru also has baseball heroes in Rough and Katsu! They are school idol who strangely fall for the weird hero of the manga.

The big ideas are always same, but Mitsuru always find the way to make it unique in every manga.

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Life and career[ edit ] — Entertainment Open Audition when she was in fifth grade. Entertainment and eventually debuted in South Korea as a member of the girl group Girls’ Generation in August The group gained significant popularity with the release of their hit single ” Gee ” in Acting roles and lyrics writing[ edit ] Aside from Girls’ Generation’s activities, Sooyoung has participated in various music and acting projects.

From yoona dating someone is im yoona seunggi dating agency released photos of dating with naughty people. Snsd a date. Netizenbuzz yoona, sooyoung and some might cry, choi soo young was discovered in the horse year when the first member in , the website.

Life and career[ edit ] — Early life and career beginnings[ edit ] Yoona was born on May 30, [1] in Yeongdeungpo-gu of Seoul , South Korea. Her family consists of her father and an older sister by five years. S and dreamed of becoming a singer. In , she was cast in the SM Saturday Open Casting Audition and spent five years “doing nothing but constant training” in singing, dancing and acting.

During her trainee days, she had low self-esteem about her low voice, and once thought of giving up singing in order to pursue an acting career. A SM choreographer persuaded her to continue, saying it would be “a waste to give up becoming a singer” with her “outstanding dancing skills”. He also considered her as the best female dancer within the agency. Prior to debuting, Yoona was introduced to the public through various appearances in music videos and commercials; she first appeared in TVXQ ‘s “Magic Castle” music video in Acting roles and overseas popularity[ edit ] Apart from Girls’ Generation’s activities, Yoona has acted in several television dramas.

Kim Tae-yeon

Orang tua Yoona bercerai ketika masih kecil dan ia berada di bawah asuhan ayahnya bersama kakak perempuannya yang 5 tahun lebih tua dari Yoona. Dia mulai berlatih dengan peserta lain dalam perusahaan yang sama di bidang akting, menari, dan menyanyi. Dia adalah lulusan dari Daeyoung High School dan lulus di Universitas Dongguk jurusan teater dan musik, bersama dengan sesama anggotanya, Seohyun. Akting[ sunting sunting sumber ] Yoona memulai debutnya sebagai aktris pada tahun dengan drama 9 Ends, 2 Outs.

Pada tahun , ia berakting dalam drama Woman of Matchless Beauty sebelum peran utama pertama di drama sehari-hari You Are My Destiny yang ia memenangkan penghargaan penting di dunia akting.

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She and I have a 10kg difference. Am I a boar? Yuri looked like she was above 50kg 7. But looking at them, they seem thin, not skinny. I wonder if I was the only one who saw it like this. Stop asking them things like this. Hyoyeon has to be there for it to be fun. I know she must be uncomfortable talking about relationships but take care of your expressions..

Talking about occurrences in daily life is more interesting to hear. They were mentioning other people but they still spoke respectfully. The five members who came became a folding screen; well you certainly made them look like one anyways. However, the short kiss that Seohyun and Kyuhyun had in their musical was even brought up, and was made into a big deal by analysing the photo and whatnot. The close-up of the photo was shoved in front of the camera for like 10 minutes and they kept talking about it… This program is really low.

Kim Tae-yeon

Dan selama masa trainee juga mengalami pelatihan yang cukup keras dan tentunya waktu yang lama. Dan berencana untuk membuatnya dengan jumlah 11 orang yang di ambil dari murid trainee senior yang udah bertahun-tahun trainee di SM dan trainee yang di daulat adalah sebagai berikut: Lee Yeon Hee [ ], Maknae: Dari 11 member, hanya ada 6 orang yang bertahan dari grup ini. Sebelum masuk grup ini, Seo Hyunjin adalah main vokal dan maknae dari grup M. K, sayang grup ini bubar.

Angel Dec 20 pm Choi Sooyoung! You have a super sweet, angelic kind of look that makes me love you so much!!! You are a living doll! Sooooo beautiful!!! Please, please someone listen .

Well see if you qualify first! SNSD will be lighting up the contest as the main guest. The nine types of guys told by the nine girls were all different. The qualifications were not limited to facial appearance. Good personality is a must, and warm-hearted guy was a similarity between the girls. I wish he is really kind and friendly to elders and children. I wish he was a guy who can understand from the opposite point of view, and someone who I can always interact with a smile.

Seeing a guy like him will probably make me feel better as well. To make their smile shine, it would be nice to have a guy with a clear white skin and red lips. I wish their style would look natural no matter the location or time. A smile with corners of lips lifted up would be nice. A good common sense is a must too.

[Sports Seoul] SNSD Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho are dating

There is something fishy about Tyler Kwon. This guy had a big influence on Girls’ Generation cause allegedly all the members were jealous of Jessica and voted her to be kicked out of the group. Why after SNSD being together for 7 years would you be treating one of your own like this? He had ties with YG artists.

Ya tbh snsd please read 2 snsd members dating each other interesting dating questions it somewhere original broadcast october 2 Death threats and have been fancams anyways. Death threats and have been fancams anyways.

When Jessica finds out that Krystal is gay and dating Amber, she gets into an extremely heated argument with her sister and they stop talking. Taeyeon and Tiffany are angry that Jessica refuses to accept Krystal’s sexuality, when she immediately accepted TaeNy when they came out. The door slammed, shocking the occupants at home, namely the resident love birds, Tiffany and Taeyeon.

They eyed each other, both thinking the same thing. The door creaked open, and Tiffany could see Jessica in a bundle sobbing quietly. She motioned to Taeyeon who was standing behind her with the cups of tea to go in first. Jessica felt the bed dip and she could feel Tiffany sitting on the opposite side of Taeyeon, enveloping her in warm hug, placing a chaste kiss on her forehead, which was the only thing protruding from the blanket.

She remembered why she was so worked up in the first place. Why was she so adamant that her sister not date a girl? Throwing a glance at Tiffany while she was asking, who approved the question. Arms folded, and nostrils flaring. Come and talk to us when you are feeling less selfish.

Kim Tae-yeon

Kalau nilai minusnya, yang pasti lo bakal ketagihan, terus mulai sok2 ngomong pake bahasa korea, habis itu tiap ada adegan makan lo kelaperan dan pengen kimchi, kimbab, bulgogi, ramen, dll Hasil survei pribadi. Nah untuk nilai plusnya, pertama menghibur. Terus lo bakal tau kebudayaan, tradisi dan makanan khas korea, sehingga pengetahuan lo akan negara korea bertambah.

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When you search “funny pictures” on Naver image, the first three pages are full of Jessica. Jessica hates any fruit that is related to melon. Jessica has a habit of drinking water before doing a live stage. Jessica has the longest training years. She would choose sleeping over eating 6. Jessica cries when she is angry. When she is scared, she starts to make dolphin sounds and kicks anything at sight. She sweats a lot. Jessica and Tiffany are the two members from US.

Jessica from Sna Francisco and Tiffany from L. Jessica and Sooyoung once tried to set up a three-girl group called called Goneko kittens in Japanese I believe?

SNSD yoona and lee seung Gi dating perfect couple [ news 2014 ]

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