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New Home Sewing Machine in Cabinet, circa late 1800s

Sun, 30 Nov Hello Feathers, We bought our first auction featherweight today. In our excitment of finally seeing one at an auction and trying to be totally cool about it, we completely missed the fact that it was a centenial until afterwards! One of the bobbins is filled with white thread that looks like it’s carpet thread.

Dating a vintage or antique sewing machine, How old is it..? – What is the history of the Singer Sewing Machine Company Picture of Elna Grasshopper sewing machine in opened case. Barbara Larson. sewing machines. Sewing Machine Accessories Antique Sewing Machines Singers Keys Keyboard Memoirs Parts Of The Mass Sew Model.

Sat, 22 Nov I’ve been poking around in the shops between bouts of doing battle with my thesis advisors, and have come up with a few small treasures. At one shop I found a box of miscellaneous attachments that included a metal tube of lubricant and the usual assortment of binders and stuff as well as my first adjustable hemmer. I picked up an original manual for my , a Singer Student Manual, and then a day or two later, I found two “black” adjustable hemmers and a “black” seam guide.

I seem to remember that someone on the list was trying to assemble a set of black attachments to go with a blackface FW. I’ve seen a few overpriced machines, and a few moderately priced ones in really bad shape. Well, they’d be moderately priced if they were in good shape; as it is, they’re overpriced. Nothing at all tempting, but I keep looking. I’m stacking up sewing projects so that once the thesis dance is finally over, I think I’ll go into hibernation and sew until my eyes cross.

Regarding the replacement belts for the white FW My white FW came with a smooth white belt which was still in good condition, but I wanted to replace it before I really started sewing on it. The choices I had to replace it were the knobbed belts in black or “pink” I wouldn’t call it “red”; it was more of a translucent peachy pink color.

When I asked, the guy said that the smooth white ones were no longer being made. He said that the smooth belts were replaced with the knobby ones because the smooth ones tended to slip.

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And some Singer machines are more saught-after than others! Here’s an article listing the Top 5 Best Vintage Singer Models , and many people who collect and sew with vintage Singer machines do love and seek out these particular models. See several photos and read even more here. If your sewing machine looks a lot like these machines but has an off brand name, chances are you have a generic or clone machine. The overall condition of your machine is one of the biggest factors in estimating a value.

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I purchased this machine from a thrift store a couple of months ago. And although it came in what was probably the original cabinet, it was also a mess and looked like it had been dropped out of a truck. I took the out of that old wrecked cabinet and set it aside for rewiring. This cabinet originally housed an old Pfaff , but the machine never quite worked right and I got rid of it last year.

I then fit tmy Singer W in this cabinet and sewed with it for almost a year. But, I decided to part with the W a few months ago which left this cabinet looking for a new partner. If you are still trying to keep count with me that would be minus 2 machines and plus one! So let me tell you about this machine! It is so smooth, so quiet compared to some of the other vintage machines , and sews so awesome – I am in love!

One hour versus fourteen…

Sat, 15 Jun The attachments you found were probably for a White or maybe a New Home, or one of the other Rotary machines. Greist made attachments for them as well. In fact, I’ve got a set in a little black box, waiting for me to bring home a White to attach them to! The way they attach is called “top-clamping.

Comments. Vicky Gatton, 8 years ago I have an Excelsior that was given to me in Been trying to get info on mine thru the yrs. I do know that yours and mine were somewhere along the lines of and by the way they were made.

It’s a really fun machine to use. They are very different than your more common lock stitch machine so it’s no wonder they get little use. I had a tough time even threading mine at first. Because of this, I thought I would try to shed a little light on this little lovely for those that may have one but are unsure of what to do with it.

The Willcox Gibbs has been made from the ‘s through the ‘s with very little change. They have a distinctive circular shape that was treadle and hand crank then later fitted with a very fast electric motor. That is the kind I will be showing here. The advantage for use first would be cost. It is cheaper to buy and uses less thread as there is no bobbin to add thread to.


This is a vintage Coronado sewing machine from the s. It was made in Japan and is related to Brother sewing machines. Can you imagine life without yours? Some interesting sewing machine facts:

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A truly modern machine, in – the Elna Supermatic! I didn’t really go in search for a Supermatic, someone in a forum I read was selling one for a good price, and I had been reading about it so I decided to go for it. She didn’t know if it was working, it turned by hand but like many machines the power cord had been lost, so I got a bargain. We met up on the streets of Portland where the seller was working.

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It is one I have long been interested in, the Singer It is also called “the New Family” machine. This particular one was made in So tiny, so beautiful despite the condition.

IMHO the Elna Grasshopper which was a contemporary of the is a better machine. Especially since I have one in my collection. Check out the last issue of the ISMACS magazine for pictures and a description of the Grasshopper.

Tuesday, September 4, Another Machine Find Friday being the last day of the month, I headed to Goodwill because on that day everything is half price. A sewing machine in a cabinet! You can see that the cabinet looks rough but in the end, I used some Old English polish on it and it looks so much better. So here we go A close up of the machine before I raised it up!

A little grungy, so I had to do lots of cleaning. The first thing that I did was clean, oil and grease the machine. Here is the buttonholer. Everything this is there in the box and it looks like it has never been used. This is all of the attachments. I checked the manual and every piece that is listed is there. After cleaning, I did some adjusting and test stitches.

New Home Sewing Machine

Quite a while ago, actually. The thought of it overwhelmed me, and I just did not put it high on the list of priorities. I’m not sure how many I will get shown, but I will start here. Some of them, I will have to dig out. Some of them won’t be all that exciting, but I’ll do my best to show them to you.

Nov 8, Vintage Sewing Machines, other miscellanious (not Singer) | See more ideas about Vintage naaimachines, Zanger and Antieke naaimachines.

This machine was made by the Swiss firm Tavaro S. The Company started manufacturing sewing machines in and the Elna was introduced in Designed by Ramon Casas it was the first modern free arm portable machine weighing It proved to be extremely popular and by was being sold in 25 countries. Manufactured until the Elna under went very minor modifications during its production most notably to the motor and its housing. Initially the Elna did not carry a model number but has since become known as the Elna No.

Elna grasshopper sewing machine

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